Spy Cloud

Austin, TX
28MM of Venture Funding

SpyCloud is a venture-funded startup from Austin, TX that helps companies prevent data breaches and account takeover attacks with the help of its web app and a set of robust APIs. I joined SpyCloud's design team in January 2019 and have been working with the company on a number of projects, including a couple of brand new product features and a comprehensive library of UI components.

My Contribution

UX, UI, & Interaction Design
Visual Design
Interactive Prototypes
UI Guide & Components Library
Custom Illustration & Iconography

Project Status


Project Length

1 Year


It was my first time working on a web app in the cybersecurity space, so it was super important to understand all of the existing use cases and have a good grasp of the product ecosystem before embarking on building new features that needed to integrate seamlessly into current workflows. I was initially tasked with designing a couple of business-critical features from scratch and re-designing a separate Windows-based product.

My Approach

During my engagement with SpyCloud, I worked primarily with the chief product officer who provided detailed requirements for all of the features which had to be built within the constraints of the current UI. I started with wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes and then worked on high-fidelity UI designs once the initial prototypes were approved. I built a library of components based on the current interface and used it while designing new features.

Ivan is not only an invaluable addition to our product development team, but also a delight to work with. His keen eye for intuitive UI regardless of industry has contributed greatly to creating products that our customers love using.
David Endler - CPO and Co Founder


During a year-long collaboration to date we have worked on a number of business-critical product features that are currently being rolled out to SpyCloud customers. Due contractual obligations most of the work samples from these design projects are not displayed on my site at this time.