San Francisco, CA
Venture Funded

Compliance sounds boring, doesn’t it? It’s almost like taxes, businesses simply have to deal with it. And some designers tend to shy away from working on ‘boring’ software in favor of something more exciting with greater visibility. For me, working with Secureframe offered an opportunity not only to learn about the intricacies of a new vertical (always exciting), but design a brand new set of software tools for hundreds of companies that use it today to automate their SOC2, ISO27001, and HIPAA compliance.

My Contribution

Web App UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Design System
Marketing Site Design
Illustration & Iconography

Project Status


Project Length

2.5 Years
Ivan took our software from initial mockups to a well-designed web app in a matter of months, without compromising on quality. During 2+ years working together, he helped us iterate quickly, think through numerous design challenges, and ultimately scale to thousands of customers and become the leading platform for security and privacy compliance.
Shrav Mehta - Founder and CEO

Product Design

Secureframe wanted to do something brand new — automate the labor-intensive and time-consuming security compliance process. We designed a web app that would bring this process into the 21st century.


The compliance process has a lot of moving parts, so we designed a robust UI while making sure it was simple and easy for customers to understand.

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Product Design

Secureframe set out to revolutionize the archaic security compliance process by creating a web app that would make it easier and faster for businesses of all sizes to become SOC2-compliant. As a freelance designer, I had the privilege of working directly with the CEO to design a web app that would bring compliance into the 21st century.


Internal reporting can simplify the compliance process by breaking it into manageable steps. The usability of the main dashboard that I designed ensures that team members can quickly identify what needs to be done, enabling everyone to be on the same page and aligned with compliance requirements.


Secureframe began with one compliance framework but anticipated future growth. I took this into account from the beginning and focused on designing a flexible and scalable web app that can grow with the company.

Security Questionnaires

Secureframe wanted to save its customers hundreds of hours answering RFPs and filling out security questionnaires, so I helped design the UX for AI-powered questionnaires that streamlined the process.

Other Features

I also helped Secureframe with the design of many other parts of the web app, which gave administrators full control over their organizations' employees, vendors, and devices.

Website Design V1

As a designer, my challenge was not only to communicate the app's functionality on the marketing site but also to explain how the compliance process works in general. I helped Secureframe tell its story with its first website by combining streamlined information architecture, punchy copy, and simple illustrations inspired by the product itself.

Website Design V2

As Secureframe transitioned from focusing on small businesses to targeting large enterprises, their marketing site had to change as well. I worked with the marketing team on V2 of the site to add more pages, new graphics, and come up with a darker, more subtle color scheme.