San Francisco, CA
Venture Funded

Brand equity measurement, target audience profile, brand optimization — that lovely advertising lingo! Well, I had a chance to dive right into it while working with Upwave, a Bay Area startup that’s building an analytics platform for brand advertising. Upwave's web app is full of sophisticated features, including real-time dashboards and data visualizations, that help companies like Unilever, Verizon, and Nike measure top-of-the-funnel brand advertising (there goes that lingo, again).

My Contribution

UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Data Visualizations
UI Components Library
Interactive Prototyping

Project Status


Project Length

2 Years
Ivan was a pivotal design partner when we launched a new web application for Upwave. He did a great job understanding complex design requirements and incorporating feedback quickly to create designs our whole team loved. He is also very efficient and consistently delivered on time. Would absolutely choose to work with Ivan again!
Chloe Kurzon - Product Manager

Product Design

Secureframe wanted to do something brand new — automate the labor-intensive and time-consuming security compliance process. We designed a web app that would bring this process into the 21st century.


The compliance process has a lot of moving parts, so we designed a robust UI while making sure it was simple and easy for customers to understand.

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Product Design

Upwave wanted to speed up their product development cycles, so they looked for a design partner who could deliver fast, measurable results. Over the course of our three-year collaboration, I worked with their project managers and engineers to build advanced features of the web app, including real-time dashboards and data visualizations.