Stellar Aero

San Francisco, CA
40MM of Venture Funding

Stellar, a Silicon Valley startup with 40MM in funding, brings together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline business aviation for both travelers and fleet operators. I joined Stellar as a contractor in 2017 to help move the needle forward as their second designer while they were searching for full-time design hires. We had hit a great cadence working on their responsive web app in the first few months, and I stayed with them for almost a year as the design team grew to five people.

My Contribution

Information Architecture
UX, UI, & Interaction Design
Visual Design
UI Guide & Components Library

Project Status


Project Length

1 Year


I had to work closely with internal teams that were responsible for the design, product management, and engineering in order to build the foundational components of a complex platform for people involved in many aspects of business aviation. I re-defined and standardized the approach to building UI across a number of sub-products and created a modular system of re-usable components that laid a foundation for the Stellar design system.

My Approach

During the first few months I’ve worked closely with the designer on the internal team to build out the first few features of Stellar’s responsive web app that were already on the roadmap. I carefully thought through system-wide UX and focused on designing repeatable interface patterns that could later be used in other areas of the product and eventually included in the library of UI components that I also designed while working at Stellar.


Our collaboration yielded truly impressive results! I’ve designed UX for a set of critical product features that addressed specific user requirements, standardized the approach to designing UI across multiple features, created an extensive UI library that contained templates for various product components, and set forth design process guidelines as the team of designers at Stellar grew to five people.