Stellar Aero

San Francisco, CA
Venture Funded

How did you get to work today? Perhaps you hopped on your bike, jumped on a train, or asked your employer to give you a lift on the corporate jet. That’s right, business aviation is alive and well, and like any other modern industry, it relies on software to run day-to-day ops. Working with Stellar, a company that’s building tools for corporate flight departments and charter operators, was a truly unique experience.

My Contribution

UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Design System
Interactive Prototyping
User Testing

Project Status


Project Length

1 Year

Product Design

Secureframe wanted to do something brand new — automate the labor-intensive and time-consuming security compliance process. We designed a web app that would bring this process into the 21st century.


The compliance process has a lot of moving parts, so we designed a robust UI while making sure it was simple and easy for customers to understand.

Another Heading

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Product Design

Stellar hired me to help speed up their product development cycles while they built their own in-house design team. Working closely with their VP of Design and project managers, I designed a number of interactive prototypes for user testing, put together a massive library of design components, and helped build several important features for both mobile and desktop users across Stellar's product suite.