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Do you know how people sell B2B software? Well, they use lots of data, including critical usage data from the prospects they are targeting. Believe it or not, there are tools out there that let you discover what software a business uses, how much it spends on it, and even when the contracts are coming up for renewal. Intricately is one of the startups building these tools!

My Contribution

UX, UI, & Interaction Design
UI Components Library
Illustration & Iconography
Website Design
Webflow Development

Project Status


Project Length

2 Years
We've worked closely with Ivan for quite some time. He has consistently delivered outstanding product design work and helped us create a beautiful and performing marketing site. Partnering with Ivan helped us create and ship product features quickly without sacrificing good design or compromising on the product experience.
Michael Polack - Cofounder

Product Design

Secureframe wanted to do something brand new — automate the labor-intensive and time-consuming security compliance process. We designed a web app that would bring this process into the 21st century.


The compliance process has a lot of moving parts, so we designed a robust UI while making sure it was simple and easy for customers to understand.

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Product Design

When we first connected, Intricately was an early-stage startup in search of product design support to help them diversify their product offering. They had a clear vision of the direction they wanted to take their product, but they needed a designer to help them bring that vision to life. Over the course of our two-year partnershipI worked closely with the founders to improve their web app and launch new features.